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Helping Couples Strengthen their Bonds

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Every couple has the ability to create a lasting, happy and passionate bond. All they need are the right tools, techniques and knowledge, combined with their own commitment. You can get back to having a great friendship and improve your Communication.

The primary goal is to help couples talk openly and respectfully to each other about topics that are important to lifelong healthy relationship satisfaction. Couples can apply that learning towards their future together.

Couples can become aware of their relationships strengths and areas for development. Learn how to stop just coping with constant arguments or lack of communication.  You can both learn the how, why and what to do to change any negative behaviours.

“Even if your relationships tend to be stable, it’s possible that you have specific patterns of behavior or thinking that cause conflict with your partner and need to be actively addressed.”

”Every adult has an attachment style which was formed in their early years. This affects every part of their communication and especially their ability to make up after an agument.”

“If there was just one thing you could do to change your understanding of yourself in your relationship it would be to learn your attachment responses and how they affect you”

 – Raywyn Roberts, Clinical Psychotherapist, Couples Counsellor